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Why us?

The blogosphere is getting bigger and tougher. With so many blogs to read and competition to triumph over. How do you really get your site noticed? A unique, organized and optimized design is what you need.

At RealcomBiz, we have a compendium of knowledgeable and experienced webmasters who have been in the game for years. We understand what works and what doesn't. We know what fit your business and what inapt it. And that’s important because we don’t want to win the battle for you - we want to win the war, or even prevent one.

Again, a deal is a deal and with so many firms out there capable of putting the deal together, why RealcomBiz? We believe our core values of integrity, client satisfaction, innovation and intellect differentiate us from others. When you choose to do business with RealcomBiz, you are partnering with a company who cares. Our attitude toward great service and helping others makes our culture inviting and fun.

When you order any of our services, you are bound with lifetime technical support through any of our social media profiles with no extra charges. And we are also happy to tell you that all our design are perfectly compatible with major browsers and devices, and also coded in a way that makes crawling and indexing easy for search robots.

  • Web Design (Blogger & Wordpress)
  • Web Development (Blogger & Wordpress)
  • Blogger Mobile Template Design
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Content Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Hosting
  • Blogging Platform Migration
  • Product Review
  • Custom Widget
  • Technical Support For Your Website

Web Design/Development

We transform tons of boring Wordpress or Blogger desktop/mobile design into a professional looking template that convert. Don't have one yet? No problem about that, let's build a perfect one for your business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We have been helping lot's of businesses in getting found in over-crowded web by tweaking them with pure White Hat SEO techniques in order to rank high for many competitive keyword. Though there is lot SEO tips online, but we know the different between what works and what works best.

Banner, Logo or Infographic Design

Do you need an infographic for your next project or blog post? Is your blog banner or logo looking ugly? We are here for you. Several big blogs and business website uses our graphic design for their brand logo or banner.

Web Hosting

Are you tired of migrating from one hosting to another? Let's place your website on a fast and reliable hosting that will keep your site up and running 24/7 whitout any sign of downtime.

Blogging Platform Migration

Ever wanted to move your blog from Blogger to Wordpress or vise versa, but you are scared of loosing your search engine ranking, traffic or feed subscribers? We can do that for you without any hitch.

Product Review

Let's place your product in front of large audience through post review, banner, or contextual link. Get more traffic, leads and sales.

About Me

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Durodola Ridwan is a Professional blogger, SEO Consultant, Certified Web developer/designer and founder of www.realcombiz.com. He love writing about Blogging tips, SEO, and play around with codes. You can connect with him on facebook, twitter @realcombiz, and Google+.


All our design are perfectly compatible with major browser & devices, and also search engine friendly.


All our clients were offer free lifetime technical support after ordering any of our services at no extra charge. You can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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