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Welcome to RealcomBiz

I'm Durodola Ridwan, a Professional Blogger, SEO Consultant and certified Web Designer/Developer.

You probably just landed on this blog and want to learn more about me? Well, the above statement is just about me. Let me just give a brief intro on how it all started.
The term "Blogging" was first expressed and introduced to me by a friend in 2009, but my first thought then was "huh, another time waster" and I forget about it at that moment.

In 2011, I came across the term "blogging" again and was thinking, what's this thing? Ok let me find out. After getting a brief idea about it, I was like WOW, this is cool, let me start with something. Then I started with an entertainment blog, wrote some posts and started designing the blog. After playing around with codes, I became much more interested in designing due to my love for "trial and error practice."I launch a Web Design blog (RealcomBiz) in march 2012 and started keeping record of what I learn.
Within this relatively short span of time, I’ve learned a great deal about what works and what doesn’t. I have been fortunate to discover the impact of great design, networking and building community.

When I got the first comment on RealcomBiz, the whole story changed. Aversion now turning into passion. I never knew someone can appreciate my work, I never knew someone can ever listen to what I have to say. This is what kept me going and more devoted, and I hope my writing may have help you in one way or the other?

RealcomBiz - The Industry Behemoth

This blog is designed to provide valuable tutorials and resources for Bloggers, Web Designers and Developers. All of our post is publish with the hope of enlightening young entrepreneur by introducing them to the blogging world. Also, coaching them on how to build a very fascinating blog, how to generate quality traffic and make cool income right from their living room.

We have be assisting business in getting found online in a digital world, making your company visible and successful on the over-crowded web and giving your business the best design that converts is what we do.

RealcomBiz is established in 2012, and since then we have been publishing great content that will guide you in building your online career.
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Durodola Ridwan is a Professional blogger, SEO Consultant, Certified Web developer/designer and founder of www.realcombiz.com. He love writing about Blogging tips, SEO, and play around with codes. You can connect with him on facebook, twitter @realcombiz, and Google+.

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