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10 Custom Icon Font Generators for Designers

by Durodola Ridwan | Thursday, March 20, 2014 | | 22 Comments

Icon fonts are the easiest way to embed vector graphics and definitely the fastest way too. Using an icon font can improve load times by up to 15%, and because they're vector in nature, they're infinitely scalable, while still being smaller in size than an image sprite. You can style icon fonts dynamically using CSS, rather than requiring a new graphic, with the added bonus of using CSS3 properties such as "text-shadow." And also leaving no room for additional HTTP request.

The downside of using an icon font is that, icons are typically grouped in discrete sets if you select icons that are not part of one specific set, you could be loading additional sets which may contain lots of unnecessary icons, resulting in extra loading time.

That's where custom icon font generators comes in. With these generators, you can create scalable and easy-to-style icons for your web projects. While there are tons of icon font generators online, here are 10 useful custom icon font generators you should consider using, starting from now!


Pictonic offers both free and premium versions when you sign up for an account. The first thing you should do is create an account and sign up to their website. After that, you can use their free icons, buy one icon for $0.59, or have a lifetime unlimited use of all their icons for only $199.


Instead of building a custom font that you download and embed on your own server, Pictos hosts the icons for you. It’s generally known as the Typekit of icons, which is a decent description of what you can expect from the service. Simply paste the generated code snippet into your HTML and the Pictos Server will serve your custom-made icon font straight into your website, utilizing a simple CSS "link" tag.

Icon Vault

Icon Vault lets you create custom icon-font's using only the icons you need. Meaning less HTTP request's and much faster page loading. All icon-font's being scalable vector graphics means there is no need for multiple images or sprites for different devices. They will scale gracefully and look great at all resolutions even retina displays.

You can easily apply CSS styling you are already familiar with, including colour, text-shadows, vertical-alignment, animation & font- size.


Fontello is a web-based and open source project that allows us to combine any selected items from multiple iconic fonts to create a custom + lighter font. There aren’t thousands of icons to choose from, but there are definitely enough you can choose from.

We Love Icon Fonts

This is a free & open source icon fonts hosting service (like Google Web Fonts, but icon fonts only). There are very large collection of icons you can choose from. To use a set on your own site, click "Add" to add them to your own collection. Then, you receive the embed code, using CSS to further customize how the icon fonts are displayed.


Creating custom icon font becomes easy with IcoMoon. Just select the IcoMoon web app, click the icons you want to include and then download your font. You can change the name of the font, enable or disable ligatures, set baseline and em size, and change the character assigned to a glyph.

Just like most other generators, there are over 3800 free vector icons available in the website. It offers 2 types of downloads: image and font. The image version comes as PNG with optional sprite image plus the CSS rules and the font version in multiple formats (EOT, SVG, WOFF, TTF).


With fontastic, you can easily generating custom icon fonts. Your icons can be modified on the fly via CSS. Rescale, change colour, add a shadow in just a jiffy. Quickly import your own icons by uploading them as SVG files. They're converted and easy to use in seconds.

Font Custom

With Font Custom, you can create multiple font formats and works on different updated web browsers even IE8. You can change colors, add shadows, rotate, transmogrify — style icons however you want with just a little CSS. And with the plug and play feature, no configuration or navigating confusing APIs. Just place all your vectors in a folder, link a CSS file, and let Font Custom take care of the rest.

Icon Melon

Icon Melon provides icon fonts and the ability to import and create your own, generating icon fonts of any size or color. You can pick and choose or mix and match icons from different sets to make your own definitive, completely custom set.

Font Combiner

Font Combiner is a versatile web font, icon font creator and font improvement tool exposing advanced font features to the end user. Thousands of free icons are available. Add to your own custom font or download pixel-perfect PNG files or SVG.
You can combine glyphs from multiple fonts, or use Font Combiner's advanced image export feature to create immaculate SVG renderings from a host of icon fonts with rendered PNG files to match where needed.

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