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20+ Job Board Themes and Plugins for WordPress

On daily basis, new job boards are popping-in, likewise the rate of unemployment is increasing and many people are in search of stability. What better way to cater to their needs, than providing a valuable job board resource!

I believe most online job boards are powered by WordPress - the CMS is perfect for this task, because developers are constantly enriching it with updates and plugins, even to an extent that a novice can easily modified and add additional functionality with the help of plugins.

If you would like to design your own job board system, based on WordPress, the following WordPress themes and plugins will not only make your life easier, but will also provide you with flexibility. Enjoy!

Job Board Themes

JobRoller (Price: $99)

JobEngine (Price: $129)

JobPress (Price: Free)

Jobify (Price: $55)

JobHub (Price: $79)

9 to 5 (Price: $40)

JobJockey (Price: $79)

Job Board (Price: $49)

WPJobBoard (Price: $97)

Jobright (Price: $39)

Pricerr Theme (Price: $69.99)

NJobsBoard (Price: Free)

EmployeePress (Price: $79.99)

Jobsapp (Price: $49)

ProjectTheme (Price: $69.99)

Job Board Plugins


The plugin allows you to build an online jobs/resume website, where the applicants will be able to search, update, add/remove or edit their resumes/profiles. This plugin is for standalone WordPress sites.

Job Manager

A plugin for managing job lists and job applications on your WordPress site. It supports all the features you need to manage your organization's job openings.

Resume Submissions & Job Postings

Resume Submissions & Job Postings turns your WordPress site to a job board portal by allowing you to design and display job postings. Users are allowed to Save/Download Submitted Resume as PDF. Likewise, you can send resume submission's PDF to an email address.

Job Manager by SmartRecruiters

This is a plugin developed by SmartRecruiters, the free Open SaaS recruiting software. It makes it easier for users to post jobs and manage applicants in a WordPress site.It features some cool functions which makes it favorite of most developers.

Zartis Job Plugin

With Zartis Job Plugin, you can have your own jobs page directly in your WordPress site. Easily add and edit your job vacancies and securely manage candidates that apply for these jobs all in one online app. The Zartis Job Plugin lets you quickly and easily create your own jobs page and automate much of the recruitment process.

Osclass Job Board

If you are using WordPress you can now create your own job board or connect your existing one to post and manage job offers in your company or organization with Osclass bob board plugin.

My Job Application

My Job Application is a WordPress plugin developed using PHP and MySQL. It provides a simple way of using the Indeed.com API feed in your WordPress blog. It also allows you to create a job database using your own job sources.

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