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45 Creative "Contact" Pages That Will Drop Any Jaw

by Durodola Ridwan | Sunday, December 08, 2013 | 10 Comments

The primary purpose of building a website is to get people from your target audience interested in what you have to offer. Whether it’s a product, service or creative work, someone’s bound to communicate with you further.

Some designers save up all their creative energy for the homepage, the shop or the portfolio, and by the time they get to the contact page they end up with a banal layout and nothing exciting. Well, I bet you should be ready to lose out many business opportunities if that's your approach.
It’s very important to make sure your contact page delivers in the best way possible. It's the final attempt to get potential clients to order your service or product.

You might have been battling with your contact page design, but today round-up will get you inspired.

1.  Born With Design

2.  Needle

3.  Alexander Wong

4.  Lionways


6.  Red Tiki

7.  Epiphany Search

8.  Music City Unsigned

9.  Sandalias Xtr

10.  Mario Petrone

11.  Wing Cheng

12.  Basil Gloo

13.  Amazee Labs

14.  Beakable

15.  Point of Entry

16.  I Love Colors

17.  Try Triangle

18.  Ashes and Milk

19.  Swiths

20.  Spokes

21.  Denise Chandler

22.  Yoda

23.  Guillaume Pacheco

24.  Qwert City

25.  Eid Peixoto

26.  Collision Labs

27.  Art Flavours

28.  Vismaad

29.  Sormen Pills

30.  Fseid

31.  ND Creativity

32.  Foto Marcol

33.  Code Quest

34.  Umquarto

35.  Asvalia

36.  Heart Breaker Fashion

37.  Evan Mendelsohn

38.  Shout Digital

39.  Step2Reality

40.  Glass House

41.  Koru

42.  Digital Base

43.  Cleek

44.  Silly Poems

45.  Epipheo

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