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35 Amazing Loading Animation Effects For Your Website

by Durodola Ridwan | Wednesday, December 18, 2013 | | 94 Comments

People hate wasting their precious time and you have to accept that fact. As a developer or designer, you don't have to keep visitor's looking at that boring blank page for much time when trying to access your website. Despite modern internet connection speeds, some browsers still take time to load web elements. So it becomes a need to make people still want to visit your website even if it takes a little bit of time when they load it.

Tiny bars, circles, fade away elements – you can use whatever signs you want, to mark the loading page. CSS animation is all what you need to keep your visitors engaged while accessing your website.

I know what you might be thinking - where can I get tiny bars or whatever you call it.
Here are bunches of amazing CSS loading effects that will solve you website loading ish.

1.  Evil Loader

2.  Creative Loading Effects

3.  CSS Loading Animation

4.  CSS Gears

5.  CSS Loading Animation

6.  CSS Flickr Loading

7.  CProgress

8.  CSS3 Animated Loading Bar

9.  Yet More CSS Loading Animations

10.  Creative CSS Loading Animations

11.  Loading Effects For Grid Items

12.  Ultra Liquid Loading

13.  CSS3 loading animation

14.  A Simple One div Loading

15.  CSS Loader Animation - Peeek

16.  Liquid Loading

17.  CSS Loading Animation

18.  CSS3 Loading Animation

19.  Pulse

20.  Border loading indicators

21.  Single DIV Loading

22.  CSS Loading

23.  Yet Another Loading Animation

24.  CSS3 Loaders

25.  XBox SmartGlass Loading

26.  CSS3 loading spinners without images

27.  TRON Spinner

28.  Hitman Loading Sequence Pure CSS3

29.  Equalizer Loading

30.  One div Simple Loader

31.  Facebook Loader

32.  Hypnotic CSS Loader

33.  Loading Icon

34.  Loading

35.  Android Jellybean Loading Animation

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