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100+ Creative Business Cards Design For Your Inspiration

by Durodola Ridwan | Saturday, December 21, 2013 | 14 Comments

Having a beautiful eye-catching business card is an integral part of branding. Business card
are the most effective offline way to promote and advertise your business. Your Business card speaks for your brand and they are a good and effective tool to impress and maintain relationship with your clients. So, giving your business card the full attention required is as important as it's given to your business.

When you decide to get a business card designed for you, be sure to keep in mind the
type and value of your business. You need to ensure that the card reflects your corporate identity in terms of colors, shape, texture and logo.
Feel free to scroll down and check our featured unique and creative business card design for your card design inspiration. Have fun!

1.  Kozlova Design Business Card

2.  Diesel Design

3.  Frolick

4.  Steven Whiteley

5.  Lagoo

6.  Dreamten Studious

7.  We Shoot Cocktails

8.  Business Cards With Painted Edge

9.  Jay Kwong

10.  Orderin

11.  Moo Business Card

12.  Metal Business Card

13.  Corporate Business Card


15.  Letterpress Wood and Cotton Paper Business Card

16.  Laura Moretz

17.  In 60 Seconds

18.  Transparent Business Card

19.  Lea Alcantara

20.  Le Tank Letterpress Business Cards

21.  Bubi Au Yeung

22.  FormAxiom

23.  Sketchbot Business Card

24.  Flow Business Cards in 3 Colors

25.  Mogibo business card

26.  NationBuilder Pop-up Business Card

27.  REACTOR Business Cards

28.  Greenstone Group

29.  MuscleFire™ Biz Card

30.  Sliced Orange

31.  Custom Business Cards Flashback

32.  Concrete

33.  Creative Business Card Vol 2

34.  Corporate Business Card 

35.  Unique Business Card

36.  Business Card

37.  Sandrine Abraham Business Cards

38.  Coolest Holographic Business Card

39.  SNAP Business Card

40.  Palette Business Card

41.  Piano Teacher Business Card

42.  Edible Business Card – Bombay Bakery

43.  PostFaust Business Card


45.  Fuelhaus Business Card

46.  Phyllis Gan Business Card

47.  Innovative Business Card

48.  Black Suit Business Card

49.  Coffee Cup Business Card

50.  Super Capacity

51.  il pro getto Design Studio

52.  Creative Green Builders Depot

53.  Don Ho (Notepad++ creator)'s Business Card

54.  Show Your URL

55.  Colorful Corporate Business Card

56.  PivotShare Business Card

57.  Unique Business Card – Victor Dorobantu

58.  5th Floor

59.  Transparent Business Card

60.  Pierre Desmarais Music Composer

61.  Attis Design Business Card

62.  GREENPAC Business Card

63.  Clean Business Card Design

64.  Iphone Business Card Transparent Edition V.2

65.  Rounded Corner Business Card Design

66.  Jake Mates Business Card

67.  Clock Restaurant & Wine Lounge Card

68.  Business Card for: Alteroy

69.  Florent & Audrey

70.  QR Code Business Card

71.  Qobe Group

72.  Nice Shape, Different Business Card

73.  Broke Bike Alley's Business Card

74.  Via Business Card

75.  ID Branding System

76.  Cooper & Ford

77.  Teaching Shop

78.  Coco

79.  Stuff On Things

80.  Stuff On Things

81.  Motherboard Business Card

82.  Black Umbrella Identity

83.  Sexy Edge Painted Business Cards

84.  Cool Business Card Design

85.  Ancillary Magnet Business Card

86.  Goslingo

87.  Soho Cafe & Bakery

88.  Plastic Business Card

89.  Web Design Harlow

90.  Business Card for: Javier Garcia

91.  Versátil. Diseño estratégico

92.  Consultoria Doublethick Business Card

93.  Metal (Stainless Steel) Business Card

94.  Clear Plastic Business Card

95.  BigPackMedia

96.  Dave Makes

97.  Hot Pink Taco

98.  Personal Branding | Letterpress Business Card

99.  Dots Business Card

100.  Black Businesscards “Famepix”

101.  szmigielDESIGN - Hybrid Business Card

102.  Vitor Bonates

Do you find a design that will fit your business category? Or have you designed your business card? Drop a link to it in the comment so we can check it out.

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