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40+ Creative "About" Pages That Will Inspire You

by Durodola Ridwan | Thursday, October 31, 2013 | 3 Comments

When it comes to "About" page, some website seems to neglect it or the design aspect. Well, if you are also part of these, i bet you will be missing out lots of business opportunities or clients.
If I'm a business owner looking for a web developer or designer for my next project, how in the world will i know who you really are, if there is no page that can tell me that? It doesn't matter the kind of stuffs i read on your blog, if there is no page that emphasis on your specialist. Then, it's obvious that i will have to click to the next site.
Wait a minute, am looking for a designer, right? And your about page design look awful, how will I be sure that you will be able to handle my design project? I guess my project will be at stake if I hired you.

People are looking for something unique, and i guess you have Wow them a little with one or two things on your blog, that's why they want to learn about you. So, presenting a very fascinating "About" page to them, makes them go extra astounded. Sticking to your blog for a long term will be their next approach.

After going through dozens of sites, we will be showcasing the best 42 about pages we came across.

1.  Agency Ball

2.  Daniel Genser

3.  PursuitYourSelf

4.  JosephPayton

5.  nGen Works

6.  Nick Finck

7.  Amazee Labs

8.  i am Dan


10.  GiftRocket

11.  Superfluent Design

12.  MKJ Creative

13.  We DesignWise

14.  Business Development Advisory

15.  Unstoppable Robot Ninja

16.  Ego POP

17.  Adham Dannaway

18.  Soh Tanaka

19.  Henry Brown

20.  Who is Leon

21.  Seventy7

22.  Dawg House Design Studio

23.  Chris Spooner

24.  Floating Asian Kid

25.  Darren Hoyt

26.  37Signals

27.  Two Giraffes

28.  Spoon Graphics

29.  Trailer Park Truck

30.  Jare Digital

31.  Elliot Jay Parks

32.  Fi

33.  Miki Mottes

34.  BubblesSoc

35.  Rain Creative Lab

36.  Matt Hamm

37.  Vector Mill

38.  Travis Isaacs

39.  Brad Candullo

40.  Sisu Media

41.  David Desandro

42.  Jacob Lee

There you have it - 42 creative about page design i believe it will inspire you to take action. Personal, there are two formats I like most. Do you ask which one? Let me know your favorites’ first.

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