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Want To Write a New Popular Blog Post? You Need To Read These!

by Durodola Ridwan | Tuesday, April 09, 2013 | | 15 Comments

New ideas are develop every period of time, and if you are a good examiner, you will notice that the blogging concept that works last year might have been damp squib by now and the one that work this year might dud next year. But to stay ahead of the game, we have to evolve to new ideas, test them and see how they work.
The best formula to draft a new popular post is to tune back to old best posts. What was special about them? Why did they attract so many readers, shares, likes, tweets etc.
The similarities can be in the genre of the post or the writing style. Uncover these similarities and include it in your blogging style.

Looking around the web. I notice that there are some common similarities among all popular blogs and popular contents which include: Catchy headline, How-to post, Personal stories, Lengthy post etc.

All these characteristics upshot a post to become popular. They get people talking. They generate comments and compel people to share the posts on social media.
Many blogs have a list of most popular posts right in the sidebar or footer area. Study the top 4 or 5 of their popular posts and you will notice the similarities.

Let's dig deeper into it.

  1.  Take your time

Readers are looking for valuable content on the web. They want the time they spend reading a post to provide them with something meaningful. Usually that means to provide that level of value in your post, you’ll have to spend more time crafting it.
More time means you can refine, format and enrich your post with great value. Take the time to really craft your content. It will show in the finished product.

I often heard these, a blog can only be successful with a daily post updates. But let's face the fact. There is no way, "i mean no way" you can publish a great resource post on daily basis. It takes a lot of time and effort to compile one. And i believe a blog can only survive with a valuable and resourceful contents.

  2.  Headline matters a lot

How will i read your post content without the headline? Why will i click your headline if it's not catchy?
You need to understand those two things. What drives traffic is headline. The rate at which a post got clicked depends on the powerful tune the headline plays into the readers ear.
A great examples of headlines can always be seen in a newspaper. Just that single line (or maybe a couple, at times) can instantly make you pick up and read the entire article (just like you did for this one ;)). Without a great headline, you’ll struggle to get people interested enough to click through and actually read your post.

Some of the proven format used in writing a killer headline include:
  • How To.... (giving solution to something)
  • Lists (10 Proven Tips..... or SEO 101 For.....)
  • "Why" posts (explaining something or what caused something)

The above format may not be applicable to all post headline. The content of the post will determine the suitable format to be used.
Always take your time when formatting your headline. Study other headlines that have worked for you and other bloggers. Keep working and refining the headline until you have something more compelling.

Quick tips

Readers attention are so thorny to tamper with. We need to format our headline to be more compelling.
  • Be more specific: Using numbers or statistics in headline attract more clicks. One of my post title "6 Smart Ways To Build Quality Natural Links" is a good example. In the headline i use numbers and "Natural" to differentiate it from other link farm methods.
  • Urgent headline: Urgent titles are so captivating. "Download my free content marketing guide - 48 hours to go" sounds prepossessing and sure, it will grab the attentions needed.

  3.  Deliver what you promised

OK, you’ve got their attention with the headline. But you need to deliver what you promised in the headline or even deliver more than their expectation. If your content doesn’t give them exactly what the headline advertised, your readers will feel tricked and loose interest in your blog.

Most people are looking for quick fixes and easy directions, so why not give them some? Show your readers “how to” solve their problems, master a certain skill, or uncover a new way of doing something. The simpler you can illustrate something, the more your readers will appreciate it.

Ever bookmarked or voted for something without completely reading it? We’ve all done it. It’s because of the ‘Wow’ factor, the presence of enough promised value and well-structured sub-headings gets the reader enthusiastic about the post straight away.
To prevent readers from skimming your post, write strong sub-headings to support your post structure. Sub-headings are especially important if your post is long. Readers should be able to scan them to get a summary of what the post is about. That way, readers will see them and say, "I have to read this!"

Here are some guides:
  • Convey the overall feeling or emotion on your post
  • Try to be funny sometimes
  • Each heading should contain valuable keywords
  • Make sure your post is lengthy enough (but it should be valuable and resourceful)
  • Divide you post into paragraphs i.e 4 to 5 lines
  • Make sure it is scannable i.e use bullets or numbers wherever they are appropriate.

  4.  Your readers is the key

The popularity of your post lies in the hands of your readers. It depends on the value of the post you are presenting on their tables. Some of the most popular posts are the ones that teach the reader to do something they’ve always wanted to do, or that offer them a resource they can use often as a reference.

Focus on creating content that provides value. It may seems be tougher to provide resourceful information, but I think it's very easy to lose sight of the fact that if someone is going to share your content on their own, they need to see value. You need to give them reasons why your post needs to be shared.

Here are some tips to force people to share your post:

  • Mention top influencers: if you mention someone in a post, they are more likely to share the post. Have you tried that before? If someone links to your blog of write an article based on an interview with you, i think you should be more than 180% eager to share the post?
  • Call-to-action: this is a statement or request requiring the user to take some action. This could be “Subscribe here to our newsletter," asking questions or telling readers to share your post. A call to action should be clear and concise so the user is not confused on what they are to do.
  • Send email: send email out to friends and fellow bloggers about your your new blog post. If your post render real value, they are more likely to re-share it with the friends too. But don't overuse this techniques by sending emails out for every single new post on your blog.

Assessing your past content wins and failures every few months can help guide your blog content creation strategy. Study your most popular posts so far. What’s common about them? Why did they work? What needs did they address? If you can isolate why your certain post widespread, you will be able to generate better ideas and forestall which blog post will excel better.

Now it's your turn

I've shown you how to write a great popular blog post. But i will also like to hear your toughts too.

What advice do you have for people who want to write popular posts? What has your successful content taught you? Share your views in the comment.

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  1. Thanks for some great things to think about! Sometimes we just need to hear it again and again...

    1. You are welcome Carrie! Guess you have read something similar to this topic somewhere? Glad that i just tune is back to your hear :)

    2. Thanks for the great tips! I'm always lost when it comes to blog post title, now I can take your tips into consideration the next time I am stuck at coming up with a title.


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