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10 Activities That Will Cause Your Blogger Blog To Be Deleted

Blogger platform is no doubt the best platform for newbie bloggers to start off. There are lot's of controversial that blogger team are deleting blogs for no reason which i don't believe. Google (blogger) have set Content policy and Terms of Service and any blogger that violate the rules will get is blog suspended or deleted.

No blogger want his/her years of hard work to go in vain likewise Google don't want any blogger to experience such catastrophe, but still want to create a spam free community for its users. That's why they set terms and condition in place which i believe we all accept it but not sure that we all read it.

What are the reasons why your blog is deleted?

  1.  Violating privacy

Publishing another person personal and confidential information without the person permission is strictly against Google terms of service. Example include: contact information, home address, email address, credit card numbers, driver's license numbers etc.

  2.  Impersonation

Stealing someone else identity is against Google policy. Pretending to be someone else when you or pretending to represent another organization or group when you are not, is highly punishable under the law.

  3.  Copywrite violation

Google have been taking legal action on any blog owner that go against its content policy. No one likes it when someone copied their content without crediting it. If by anyway the owner of the original content report to Google, then your site will be completely deleted if you continue to plagiarize another people's content.

  4.  Hate speech

Blogger is a platform where anybody can share is opinion, stories, news etc. And it's true that there is freedom of speech but up to a certain level. Discriminating other sex, age, religious or ethnic group is not permitted by Google and it can lead to suspension or permanent deletion.

  5.  Violence

Threatening other people or certain group of people on your blog is against the law and Google policy. Also, don't encourage reader's to take violent action against another person or group of people.

  6.  Malware and viruses

Malware and viruses is against better user experience, that's why Google is taking all possible action to make internet safe for its users. If your site is infected by virus or distributing script that attempt to install software, or steal another people's personal information will lead to a permanent deletion of your blog.

  7.  Adult Content

Distribution of adult content like images and videos or pornographic is allowed on blogger but you must be sure to mark your blog as "Adult" oriented site from the settings of your site. by not complying with these rule will cause your site to be deleted. You can still make money from an adult site, but their is limited amount of ads banner you can place on the site.

  8.  Child Safety

Your site must be safe for children. Do not publish any content that encourage  or promotes sexual attraction to children. Also distributing child pornography is against Google terms of use and can lead to a severe punishment if reported to higher authorities.

  9.  Spam

Spam is the most foulest activity you can perform with your blog. All major search detest any user or blog that have be tricking their robot with some blackhat seo techniques just to boost their blog up in any search listing. Any blog that is cut in this act will be removed from indexing and both the user account and the blog will be deleted.

  10.  Illegal activities

Using blogger to encourage people to involve in illegal activities like drug, weed, drinking and driving is against Google terms of service. Any illegal activities that you know is punishable under the law is not allowed Google and will lead to permanent ban.

Blogger is not the only platform that set terms of service for its users, every other platform does too. Abiding by their rules will keep your blog safe but violating their terms of use will cause your blog to be banned or deleted.
Have you ever experience burden? Share your story in the comment and we also welcome any queries.

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  1. Yeah very great article, no one cares when people using Google account, no one cares of reading privacy policy, of course its like Twilight series, thanks for summarizing most of relevant points in readable form.
    one point i'll surely highlight is Spamming, people sometime uses the wrong methods to get links and get higher in searches, auto generated contents and links will make you black listed.
    thanks again for sharing
    - Intelligent Computing

    1. Hi thedijje,
      Personally, am too lazy to read terms of service or privacy policy (that long boring text), but i can tell what it may likely contain. That's why am always on a safe side.
      I think you have a pretty good idea about spamming. Glad that you know the effect, but still play safe :)

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