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6 Smart Ways To Build Quality Natural Links

The dream of every webmasters and bloggers is to see their content ranking higher in search results for their targeted keywords. It's not news again when we say the position of a page in serp is determined by the quality natural links pointing to that page, because it will prove to search engines especially Google, that your page is useful, unique and very informative, when people link back to your content for reference purpose and Google will definitely reward you by placing your page in a better position in serp. But Google detest the practice of linking to unrelated pages, when a fashion site is linking to a auto repair site is just confusing and will be consider as paid link by Google.

Natural links are inbound links that site owners didn’t intentionally create as part of their link building campaign. Building large amount of backlinks to your website is the key to win the SEO game, but most webmasters misinterpret this word, by investing in paid links or introducing some blackhat SEO techniques which have no where to lead you to than to get you penalized.
Google updates have unleashed severe penalties against sites that have over-optimized for specific anchor text. For instance, if you build hundreds of links pointing to your SEO company with the same anchor text "SEO Service in Delhi", there is a good chance that a red flag will be triggered by the Google spider saying "this isn’t natural." What most webmasters don't understand is that Google biggest punter's are those who surf through them and not the site owners. That's why they keep laying more emphasis on what is natural link. But how do you attain natural link's?

  1.  Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way of getting your content and link in front of new wider audience. This method require some work, knowledge and a writing skills before you can be accepted by higher authority in your industry. Every blog accepting guest post allow you to include one or two links within your content or author bio section, which looks natural in the eye of the search engine spiders.
Paying for links has several negative impacts that can effect the ranking of a site either immediately, or down the road.

Here are some guide:

  • Write a very high quality content that every blog in your niche will love to publish it on their blog
  • Check other blog post on the blog for guidelines on how to format your post and how many links are to be included within the post and the author bio section.
  • Make sure the keyword phrase and page you link to within your content and author bio section is appealing to the blog audience's to increase the number of possible click.

  2.  Blog commenting

Commenting on blogs along with your blog url will create a backlink to your URL, but make sure the blog is dofollow and be sure that the post have an appreciable pagerank.
This kind of techniques needs to be handle with care. When you try to comment on as many people’s blogs as possible or commenting on blog unrelated to your blogging niche all in the sake of getting backlink, then expect a knock on your site ranking. Enter an interesting discussion and make a reasonable contribution with your anchor text.

  3.  Social networks

Creating content that would be shared by millions of people through the social network can drive you tons of backlinks. Targeting a certain interest group, creating something that is exceptional or an infographic that relates to the specific audience can spread widely through that niche of the web.
Google know that social media shares are tough to manipulate and usually are only done by humans and not a software program or robot. Its also a lot easier for Google to determine the intent of a social share, whereas determining the intent of a link isn't so easy.

Utilizing social network to create quality backlink is the great first step you have to consider. Some social network are nofollow while some are dofollow but i think both are so important because Google does count or give weight to nofollow links, they count all your backlinks and give you some weight for a percentage of nofollow links, and to make things look more natural, you need a mixture of both nofollow and dofollow links.
Placing links on social networks and creating profiles on social networks for your website or brands makes it easy for people to find your website or content that you have created and re-share it to other places and linked back to you as the source.

  4.  Follow the trends

If you have been following trending topic in your blogging niche, the benefits should not be new to you again. Have you ever wrote a post and see hundreds of site linking to you within few hours and see people talking about your post across the web? Well, it means you have been following hot trends in your industry.
You can use Google alerts and enter your key queries. You will alerted whenever the key term is mentioned on any website. Now write a detailed and quality post on the topic that you found, which you think it might be of interest to your targeted audience and spread it across the web. Sit back and see how link juice flows in. 

  5.  Widgets

Are you so good in coding? Then it's time for you to get some natural backlinks. Create a widget that people will love to place on their website, and make sure that the widget has a link back to your site. You can use Google alerts to track if the widget is used on any website by using some lines of the code. Contact the website that use the widget to restore the attribution link, in case they remove it.

  6.  Link to Us badge

If you have be providing valuable content to your audience, their is high tendency that they will want to link to you. Provide banner, badges or textual link in form of HTML code which your audience can use to link back to your site. Create different sizes so that they can find one that suit their site layout.

There are several ways of building backlink, but this are the most effective way of build high quality and relevant natural link. Have you been using any of this method and sees a positive changes in your link building campaign? What other strategies do you use in building natural link, that we may have missed?

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    1. Hi Jones,
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    1. Hi Adeshokan,
      You are right, blog commenting is one of the effective ways to gain quality backlinks but most importantly, from a dofollow blog. You are always welcome here. Stay blessed.

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    1. Hello Shayari,
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