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How To Display Pinterest Latest Pins In Slideshow For Blogger

Pinterest have been releasing some awesome widget/script that intended to improve the functionality of a website. If you have been looking for a way to use Pinterest effectively, then this widget should be added to your list. It display latest pinned post from any user or board in a slideshow box, and the idea of this post is derived from a blogger friend called greenlava.

You can generate content on the slideshow from either your overall pin board or a particular board by using Pinterest feed URL.

How To Generate Pinterest Feed URL

There will be a slight different from the overall pin boards feed URL and a selective pin board feed URL.
The overall (or user) pins feed can be generated by going to Pinterest and select your profile from the top-right corner, then copy your profile URL from the address bar. Example of my Pinterest profile look as follow:
Now adding feed/rss to the end, the final result will look as follow:
Selective pin board will have a feed URL like:
The above link is for the blogger tips pin board. Now you will need to add only rss at the end of the link for selective pin board like this:

Now that the feed URL is generated, we will need to reformat the feed URL with yahoo pipe. Integrate your feed URL into yahoo pipe URL as follow:


  • Replace http://pinterest.com/realcombiz/feed/rss with your feed URL.
  • pinCount=10 represent the number of latest pins to be displayed in the slideshow box. You can change the value from 10.

Now a Media RSS feed URL is now generated for the slideshow.

How To Integrate The Generated URL

  • Go to your blogger dashboard
  • Click on Layout > Add a Gadget
  • Select Slideshow from the gadget list
  • Select Other from the Source field and enter the generated feed URL (feed URL + Yahoo pipe) in the Feed URL content box.
  • Now save your change and scream bingo!

Hope you found this post useful? Any queries is highly welcome. We love to hear from you.

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