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Feedburner Showing False Email Subscribers - Back It Up

by Durodola Ridwan | Thursday, February 28, 2013 | 3 Comments

Feedburner is the most widely used email subscription service and due to this vastly usage, Feedburner have been facing some technical problems, which makes most blogger to start shifting to premium email service like Aweber and FeedBlitz.
Recently, Feedburner also encounter a problem concerning the FeedCount chicklet displaying zero subscribers for all subscribers instead of showing the correct number for both RSS Feed readers and email subscribers and this happens to be around 24 September 2012 or so. Now here comes another similar issue, most bloggers are complaining that their email subscribers list are totally wiped off while some are reduce to a very nastiest point.

What should i do?

There is nothing to worry about, such technical issues are obvious to large email service like Feedburner. This doesn't disturb your email subscribers from receiving your post update via their email account and don't worry about loosing your subscribers list even if you don't have any backup. It's just another bug, your subscribers list will be restored to the last piece as soon as the issue is resolved, though there is no update from Feedburner for now, but hopefully the problem should be resolved in 5days time.
Visitor's judge site reputations base on the social and email subscribers. So in other not to leave a negative impression on new visitor's, it is advisable that you remove the FeedCount chicklet from your blog until the bug is fixed, and for you to stay on the safe side, always backup all your things

How To Backup Your Email Subscriber Lists

The first step is to login into your Feedburner account and choose the blog in which you want to backup the subscriber list. Now from the navigation tab, click on Publize > Email Subscriptions > Subscription Management

Now scroll down and click on View Subscriber Details and it will display two options, just click on the Export: CSV and you will be prompted to save a file which contains all your email subscribers. Choose where to save the file and you are done.

Have you been facing this same issue? Then feel relaxed, hopefully the problem will be fixed soon, and don't be scared of loosing your hard earned subscribers, it's just another bug, but make sure to backup your subscriber lists.
If you have a queries or suggestions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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