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What Is Google AuthorRank & Why You Need To Prepare For It?

by Durodola Ridwan | Thursday, January 10, 2013 | | 114 Comments

Google have been sitting on the idea of how to rank content and return search results base on author popularity and credibility, but have lacked the required platforms necessary to make it a reality, and that is what causes the introduction of Googleplus. Before the introduction of Googleplus, Google have no strong way of identifying a content author. Now Googleplus together with Authorship helped to put the idea into motion.

AuthorRank Guides
What is Google AuthorRank & why you need to prepare for it?

It is true that Google+ is still small compared to the two social media behemoths like Facebook and Twitter. That means its harder (but not impossible) to build a large audience there. But Google+ users tend to be thoughtful and highly-engaged people. In other words, they are worth finding, and a relatively small number of Google+ followers can bring you way more value than a larger number on other networks.

If you have been active online, you would have noticed a term called "Author Rank", which have be surfacing in the industry. And having knowledge beforehand might prove valuable for the success of your site after this new ranking system has been set on motion.

What is AuthorRank?

Don't get it twisted. AuthorRank wouldn't be a replacement for Pagerank, but it will give Google a powerful variable in making sure that only the most respected and authoritarian content on any given subject rises to the top of search results page.
AuthorRank is a new system Google uses to cut down the spam content that litters the Internet, it aims to improve user experience by providing not only the most relevant content, but also the most authoritative content in terms of authorship. Of course, people want to read content written by credible and knowledgeable author and using AuthorRank as a major tool to their search algorithm just makes it easier.

Why You Should Act Fast

Over seven years of examining how to identify agent in order to improve search results, Google is likely to incorporate AuthorRank into their search algorithm any moment from now.
Authors who contribute to high authority websites and get people discussing about his/her content are going to be ranked ahead of anonymous and low-profile authors. These changes may be a concern for those relying on old linking schemes and poor, unwanted content, but author providing valuable content and higher credibility will instantly be on-top of the game.

What Factors Are To Be Considered?

Google took hundreds factors into consideration, while this factors are something we must have heard of, but the big difference is that AuthorRank ties these metrics to individual author who produces the content and not just the website that hosts the content. Now Let's look into some factors that Google may probably use in their calculations.
  • Google Plus Engagement: The number of circles an author is in, can make a big difference in AuthorRank, and how the author relate with is circle is also taken in into account.
  • The average pagerank of an author content.
  • Social signals: The number of followers the author has on social networks, how often the author’s content is shared, and how frequently the author gets acknowledgements from others in the form of links, pluses, shares, Likes, Tweets, co-citations, etc.
  • Other sites an author has contributed to: If an author has contributed to higher authority sites, this will be taken into account and how often people shared the author content.
  • YouTube Engagement: numbers of subscribers and how people engage with an author on YouTube.
  • Users’ reactions in the form of mentions and comments: Author's comments or mentions, whether negative or positive, could be a driving factor with AuthorRank.
  • Quality of author’s content: The higher the quality and authority of sites that link to an author’s content, and how often people share the content, may increase his/her chances for gaining higher ranking.

No one is really sure of how the raking system will be done, but we think we have to keep our loyal readers updated, and the rough sketch above is what Google may probably use in their calculations, so the time to start building your AuthorRank  is now.
In our next post, we will be discussing on killer tips that will prepare you against this forthcoming system, and also keeping you updated about any other alert. so don't stay too far.

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  1. Replies
    1. hope you will start building your AuthorRank cos it's fast approaching, i will be sharing some killer tips that will get you prepared in next few hours.

  2. This is the first I've heard of Author Rank, although it's rather interesting! Thanks

    1. Glad that you find it earlier before Google strikes, you can also read 10 killer tips to start building your AuthorRank.
      Hope you will find it useful.

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