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10 killer Tips To Start Building Your Google AuthorRank

by Durodola Ridwan | Saturday, January 12, 2013 | | 43 Comments

If you haven't heard of it before, then it's not too late for you to take action. Before, search engines had no filters to determine the authenticity of the information that went into their index. So Google is now working on a new system of ranking content and returning better search results to users, and it's called "AuthorRank".
Google is likely to incorporate AuthorRank into their algorithm any moment from now, and we have discussed on what AuthorRank is all about in our last published post, which will give you a pretty idea of what is going on in the industry.

AuthorRank Guides
10 killer Tips To Start Building Your Google AuthorRank

Now we have cooked 10 killer tips that will guide you before and after Google finally launches AuthorRank.

1. Set up Google Authorship

The first step, is to set up Google authorship, as google will need to identify which content you have created and the site you have contributed to, before you can be assigned for any rank. After Authorship Markup, your webpage search result on Google will appear with your profile picture, and you will also gain recognition.

2. Create content that's worth sharing

In order to boost your AuthorRank, the major fact is that you have to consistently produce great content that people will love to share and recommend throughout the social media, especially on Google+.
Every +1 or shares on your post will tell google that the content is of a high quality and worth to rank high in SERP's. It's all about creating content that helped them and will like to recommend it to other user's.

Well-written blog posts will keep people on your site longer, prompt them to comment and share, such social signals are also good for SEO and it spread your content to potential users you probably wouldn't reach otherwise.

3. Focus on Google+

In order to enjoy the benefits of AuthorRank, you have to build a large base of followers that found your content interesting both on Google+ and other social networks, but Google+ is the main source for Google on which it can trust to rank the authors and their contents. So you need to be much more active on Google+ to get better Author Ranking.
Here are some tips to build a large follower's on Google+:
  • Create a hangouts: this may be, creating a hangout on Google+ where people can ask question, and helped them solve it. With this, you are creating an awareness for yourself, and it will encourage user's to follow you. For me i can create an hangout, base on CSS tutorials, where user's can ask any question related to CSS.
  • Comment and Share: it will be more fun if you also share and comments on other users content that is related to your niche in which you think your followers may found interesting.
  • Encircle other user's 

4. Connect with Big hitters

Search for big hitters on G+ and circle them, probably they might encircle you back. Relate with them, comments and share their posts (in reasonable way). This will be a clear signal to Google that your content are valuable if they share your content that has been tagged with you AuthorRank ID. But it will make whole lot of sense if you create a relationship with those one's having high AuthorRank.

5. Go Social

Although, AuthorRank rely heavily on Google+, having a presence on other social network is still so important. Try to get active on popular social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube etc. Your AuthorRank should encompass everything about the author and all of his/her interactions with other network, and social media are part of that.

6. Implement social sharing buttons and encourage readers to share

Don't make it hard for your readers to find share buttons on your blog/site, because people love to share valuable content and if you make it hard for them, then you are loosing a lot. You can check the the list of our social widget and choose anyone that suits you.
Since Google is focusing on Google+, the more +1 and share's you get, the more you will effectively boost your AuthorRank. So encourage people to share your content, and participate in other conversations so that others will participate in yours.

7. Guest blog

Guest posting is one of the best ways to get the high quality backlinks for your webpage, but not only backlinks, as it will allow you to gain more exposure. With the introduction of AuthorRank in search algorithm, people would want guest bloggers with a good AR to write on their blogs, since it will help their own site to rank high in SERP.
Now go out there and search for high PR site to start guest posting. It doesn't really matters if it's a do-follow site or not, at least you will still get a good AuthorRank. But make sure you include the Authorship snippet pointing to your about page or Google+ profile, so as to claim that the content is truly written by you.

8. Focus on a topic

Author's have to stick with what they know best and write content that is relevant to their business. AuthorRank will be much more concern with your area of expertise in the sense that you can get different rank in different area of topics. You may be a wizard in different topic and later have fairly weak AuthorRank in those topics, but it will make a whole lot of sense if you have strong one in a particular topic.

9. Regular site update

Google don't like inactive blogs or authors and so if you want a good AuthorRank, keep updating your blog regularly. Google keep on crawling websites and if it notices no updates, it leaves a negative impact of your blog which will definitely affect your AR tremendously. That doesn't mean you should start flooding your site with low-quality article, make sure they are article that can be rarely find on other site.

10. Help people out

Be genuine and helpful. Help other people out with your full capacity, Interact with your readers, and answer their questions to encourage them more, since readers want source they can trust. You can make reference to one of your posts or another website that you thick they can found helpful.

I know that you may be thinking why i am pointing you to engage heavily with Google+. The answer is that Google want's to embed social to search engine to make it less spamming.
From my own perspective. I think Google made this changes for two major reasons: selfless and selfish reasons.
Selfless in the sense that Google is trying to deliver search results based on personal signals, while selfish in the sense that, it will keep more people to their products, but this is not a bad idea from a business standpoint.
No matter what the case may be, with this 10 killer tips (if treated carefully), i think you should have no reason to fear, and with the little time you have left, you can still come up with something good.
Any suggestions is highly welcome, and feel free to ask any question and shares. We hope you start building your AuthorRank now.

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    1. Hi ADN
      Most bloggers actually don't focus on google+ we prefer other social network to generate traffic, but with this forthcoming update, i guess bloggers will start focusing on it in other to get good authorrank. I hope this update brings you more leads. Peace :)

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