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10+ Awesome Background Theme To Customize Blogger Comment Box

Sometimes i get upset when i see some eye-catching comment form that other platforms provide there users and since then, i have been making a lot of test and research on how to change the comment box from it's initial view and give it a new look, but today, thank god i finally customize the default comment box with some awesome patterns which i new my loyal readers will definitely love it.

I create some themes and get some from another sources, this themes totally blend with the shape of the comment box and i include a shadow effect to make it look splendid. You can choose from varieties of the themes below and apply it to your blog.

How To Add Background Theme To Comment Box
  • Go to your blogger dashboard
  • Click on "Design" > "Edit HTML" back up your template
  • Mark/Tick "Expand Widget Templates"
  • Use ctrl F to find ]]></b:skin> and paste the following code above it
#rb-form iframe{
background:#ffffff url(ENTER YOUR BACKGROUND URL) repeat-x;
border:1px solid #ddd;
box-shadow: 5px 5px 5px #CCCCCC;
font:normal 12pt "ms sans serif", Arial;
width:560px; height:215px !important;
#rb-form a{

> Replace ENTER YOUR BACKGROUND URL with the background url you choose from the list below
> To change the color of your "comment as", edit color:#ffffff
> You can also edit the height and width of the comment box and editing it above.
  • Now search for the code below
<div class='comment-form'>
  • Replace it with the one below
<div id='rb-form'>
  • Click "SAVE TEMPLATE" after all editing

Backgrounds And Their url

Blue Vector Theme

Background url

Rock Background

Background url

Poodle Vanity Pink Background

Background url

Pool Green Background

Background url

Polka Dot Background

Background url

Priest Black Background

Background url

Wings Orange Background

Background url

Glass Break Background

Background url

Wood Background

Background url

Imperial Red Granite Background

Background url

Check your blog to see your newly stylish blogger comment box, with this customization, am sure your readers will like to comment on your blog.
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  2. Wow Thanks..The wood version is nice with my blog. Thanks for the tutorial.

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  4. My blog showing duplicate comment box on pages. Any solution?

    1. Is it when you apply this trick to your blog that you observe the bug?
      I just visited your blog, but i only found only single box on post pages, and comment box disabled on static pages. Where exactly the problem is?

  5. How could I change "Subscribe by email" message in the comment box? Thanks!

  6. but i only found only single box on post pages Jersey Indonesia , and comment box disabled on static pages. Where exactly the problem is?

  7. ver good article regards enjoy the status and heart touching status


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